Squad nameDetails
Tadpole This is the entry level for novice swimmers to get a feel for the TWHST squad structure and club swimming.
Squad criteria
Development In this squad the aim is again to improve the skills of the swimmers in all 4 strokes, as well as this the swimmers will also be gradually introduced to basic endurance work.
Squad criteria
B Squad

This squad is the next step up from Development, in this squad not only will you continue your development on all 4 strokes but you will also be introduced to different methods of training.

Squad criteria
A Squad

A squad swimmers will refine  their competitive skills in order to progress up the competition ladder, they will be aiming for county, NER and National times. 

In earlier squads, focus was on skill development whilst gaining a good aerobic base for training whereas in this squad the focus will be more on performance and achieving the best results from each individual.

There will still be a strong focus on skills but there will be an increase in training volume and intensity, by the time the swimmers reach this squad they should be fully prepared for the demands of A Squad. 



A Squad criteria
Masters We have an integrated Masters Swimming Section within the club for swimming members over the age of 18
Squad Masters statement
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