Fees & Charges

Our income to cover pool hire and lifeguard charges, Swim England Category 1/Train registration fees etc. comes from our members. Each member (with discounts for families) pays an Annual Fee. In addition there is an annual Swim England Category 2/Compete registration fee for competitive swimmers aged 9 and over, £22.50 for 2024. The number of training sessions undertaken each week determines a Monthly Subscription Charge for each member. All members must pay their monthly squad fees by standing order..                        

Fees for 2024 (annual)

One family member £70
Three or more family members £210 max
Masters £30

Monthly Squad Fees for 2024 paid by standing order only

A Squad £75
B Squad £55

Development 2 x sessions


Development 3 x sessions


Tadpole 2 x sessions

Tadpole 3 x sessions



Masters/(PAYG (purchase x10)) £30/(£6 PAYG)
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