Fees & Charges

Our income to cover hire charges, Swim England Category 1 registration fees, transport etc. comes from our members. Each member (with discounts for families) pays an Annual Fee. In addition there is an annual Swim England Category 2 registration fee for competitive swimmers aged 9 and over usually approx £19. The length of training undertaken each week determines a Monthly Subscription Charge for each member. We stongly encourage members to pay their monthly squad fees by standing order.Those chosing not to pay in this way incur a handling fee of £2 per month.                         

Fees (annual)

one family member £50
two family members £100
three or more family members £150 max

Monthly Squad Fees paid by standing order only

A Squad £57
B Squad £46
Development 2+ £36


Tadpole 1

Tadpole 2




Fitness £38
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