In House Competitions

In House competitions provide a friendly atmosphere for swimmers to get used to a competitive environment. They also allow swimmers to gain times which can then be used for entry into other types of galas. more

Inter-Club Competitions

Most galas take place on a Saturday afternoon/evening and last approximately 2 hours, excluding travelling time. Warm up usually starts 30 minutes before the start time. The Team Manager will inform the swimmers about the races they are to swim. more

Individual Competitions

There are myriad individual competitions available for swimmers to enter throughout the year. The Club endorses a minimum of six for which the Club will promote to swimmers and will deal with entries. To avoid confusion, for the Club endorsed events, please ensure any entries you wish to make are through the Club.   more

Other Events

There are many other events that Thirsk White Horse Swim Team members take part in throughout the year. These appear on the Fixture List. more
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