In House Competitions

In House competitions provide a friendly atmosphere for swimmers to get used to a competitive environment. They also allow swimmers to gain times which can then be used for entry into other types of galas.

Kirsten Trophy

This is competed for annually at the second Club Tadpole Gala (usually held in September). It is presented to the youngest swimmer in the Hambleton District who can swim one length (25m) of the pool unassisted using any stroke. Application forms are held at the club desk and are available up to three weeks before the event, or email the club.

The trophy was presented by Mr and Mrs D. Currie in memory of their daughter Kirsten in 1972 to encourage children to learn to swim.  The trophy has been awarded to the following swimmers:

1972  Martin N Axon 5 yrs

1973 Jane ll. Szaeados 4 yrs

1974 Jamie Smith 4 yrs

1975 Martin Swift 4 yrs

1976 Martin Swift 5 yrs

1977 Philippa Smith 5 yrs

1978 Louise Harland 4 yrs

1979 Graham Smurthwaite 4 yrs

1980 Alice Carruthers 3yrs

1981 Helen Smurthwaite 4 yrs

1982 Benjamin Campbell 4 yrs

1983 Robert Triffit 4 yrs

1984 James D. Edwards 5 yrs

1985 Nicola Lightwing 3 yrs

1986 Victoria Smith 4 yrs

1987 Ian Windross 4 yrs

1988 Eleanor Blackwell 5 yrs

1989 Ben Cowling 5 yrs

1990 Caroline Heyworth 4 yrs

1991 Philip J. Luscombe 5 yrs

1992 Daniel Preston 4 yrs

1993 Elizabeth Shakespeare 4 yrs

1994 Andrew Walkland 4 yrs

1995 Philip Coulson 5 yrs

1996 Rachel Syers 5 yrs

1997 Andrew Johnson 4 yrs

1998 Lauren Mellows 4 yrs

1999 Nicola Walker 4 yrs

2000 Sian Harrison 3 yrs

2001 Sian Harrison 4 yrs 

2002 George Metcalfe

2003 Jasmine Harrison 4 yrs

2004 Emily Graham 4 yrs

2005 Tara S. A Barker 4 yrs

2006 Connie Gill 3 yrs

2007 George G Barker 3 yrs

2008 Connie Fisher 4 yrs

2009 Ellie MacArthur 3 yrs

2010 Archie Norton 4 yrs

2011 Elodi MacArthur 4 yrs

2012 Nadine Wilson 4 yrs

2013 Nadine Wilson 5 yrs

2014 Rocco Cockcroft 6 yrs

2015 Kiki Fletcher 4 yrs

2016 Kiki Fletcher 5 yrs

2017 Isabella Grindrod 4 yrs

Tadpole Galas

Held twice a year for swimmers aged 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 years only. It is designed to encourage younger members to ‘have a go’ and take part in a ‘fun’ gala. Swimmers will compete against other TWHST members of the same age group and the whole gala is organised so that there is no pressure put on the young children.

Club Championships

These are held every year over two separate days to cover all age groups. The championships cover 25m events in all four strokes for the Under 8s. For the 9, 10 & 11 year old swimmers the events are over 50m except for the Individual Medley (IM) which is 100m. For the 12 years old upwards all events are 100m except the IM which is 200m.

Every single swimmer in the Club is encouraged to enter as many events as they possibly can. Included in the Championships is an 'Armbands' competition which is competed for over the three days of the Championships and is designed for those swimmers under 6 years of age who can swim one width of the training pool. Medals are awarded to all swimmers and a trophy is given for the girl & boy who score the most points over the three days. Points are awarded according to the position attained in each race. These championships provide an opportunity for swimmers to gain competition experience in a Club environment and can also be the spur to getting that new personal best (pb) time. They also provide an opportunity to see swimmers at all levels of ability compete. This is particularly useful to new replica watches members, who can get an idea of what they may be capable of in the future. Entry forms for all three rounds of the Club Championships are available from the Club Desk from January. Whilst we appreciate early entries, we'll always try to accommodate people who have second thoughts and want to join in!!

Time Trials (Individuals)

These are not strictly competitions, but are arranged to find out what your latest times are. Some competitions require that you meet a qualifying time and time trials can give you the chance to achieve this. Most external competitions require that you submit your time for each event that you enter and that those times have to be validated by a Club Official. This is an ASA requirement which then ensures that you are fairly entered into the heat that reflects your standard of swimming. If you wish to enter a competition but do not have a recorded time, please speak to your coach.

200m Championships

TWHST maintains records of 200m races. These are competed for the four strokes on separate Sundays during the year. Watch out for entry forms on the Club Desk at least two weeks before the date of the competition for the stroke that you wish to enter. Competition Dates can be found on the Fixture List.

House Galas

This is an informal, fun, competition for all club swimmers who can swim one length of the pool. Swimmers are arranged into 4 teams, each of which is managed by volunteer House Parents.  Prizes are presented to the winning team. House Galas are advertised on the club noticeboard and we encourage all of our members to take part.

House Galas are advertised on the club noticeboard and we encourage all swimmers to take part. 

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